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Probenecid and other drugs that affect renal function may affect the concentration of penciclovir in plasma. For the prevention of toxicity and possible reduction in the dose of famciclovir is necessary to monitor the status of patients receiving 500 mg of famciclovir with probenecid. There were no clinically significant changes in the testosterone enanthate for sale pharmacokinetic parameters of penciclovir upon single application of famciclovir at a dose of 500 mg immediately after ingestion of antacids (magnesium and aluminum hydroxide) or in patients receiving treatment before taking famciclovir (multiple dose) allopurinol, cimetidine, theophylline, zidovudine, promethazine. With a single application of famciclovir 500 mg together with emtricitabine or zidovudine were not observed changes in the pharmacokinetics of penciclovir, zidovudine, metabolite (zidovudine glucuronide) and emtricitabine. In single and repeated use of famciclovir (500 mg 3 times daily) along with digoxin pharmacokinetic interaction is It observed. Given that the conversion of the inactive metabolite, 6-dezoksipentsiklovira (formed by deacetylation of famciclovir) to penciclovir is catalyzed by aldehyde oxidase enzyme, potential drug interactions with the concomitant use of famciclovir and drug metabolism of which proceeds with the participation of aldehyde oxidase, or drugs that inhibit the activity of aldehyde oxidase. With simultaneous use of in vitrofamciclovir with aldehyde oxidase inhibitors (cimetidine and promethazine) reducing the formation of penciclovir Famciclovir was not observed. However, when used in conjunction with famciclovir raloxifene penciclovir may reduce formation and, consequently, reducing the efficiency of famciclovir. It is necessary testosterone enanthate vs cypionate to monitor the clinical efficacy of famciclovir while the use of raloxifene. In experimental studies, famciclovir had no effect on cytochrome system, and does not inhibit the isoenzyme of testosterone enanthate for sale. It is necessary to take into account the possibility of interaction with drugs that are excreted by active tubular secretion (eg, acetylsalicylic acid and ibuprofen).

Cautions Caution must be exercised in the treatment of drug-Famciclovir Teva in patients with impaired renal function, which may require correction mode . Special precautions in elderly patients is not required. Genital herpes is sexually transmitted. During genital herpes recurrences increase the risk of infection of the sexual partner. It is necessary to inform patients about the need to abstain from sex when symptoms of the disease manifestations, even if the start of antiviral treatment. Despite the fact that during treatment with testosterone enanthate for sale, decreased frequency of virus isolation, the risk of transmission is maintained. It is recommended to use condoms during treatment of genital herpes drug-Famciclovir Teva. Famciclovir has no pronounced effect on semen analysis, sperm morphology and motility of human. Reduced fertility was observed in an experimental model in male rats treated with famciclovir 500 mg / kg;were observed in female rats pronounced decline in fertility.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms are not expected to influence on the ability to drive vehicles and / or operate machinery. However, patients who in patients receiving occurs dizziness, drowsiness, confusion, or other disorders of the testosterone enanthate for sale central nervous system, it is necessary to refrain from road management and / or operate machinery during treatment.